Find Fun

#The classic find-the-differences computer game, NOW iPhonest.  In order to make the classic computer game more “iPhone”, we’ve put a lot of time and effort:

-3 differences in each picture — You do not need 5 in the small screen with rough finger;

-Game score,level,life,differences left … are displayed suitable– Just focus on the fresh   and attractive pictures!

-All differences are big enough for your big finger!

-There is a status bar, you do not need to quit  application to see the current battery charge of your devices;

  • All pictures were optimized for the iPhone’s small display;

-Game progress saved from time to time;


-Visual score rank–Podium in a Spotlight!

-10+Parts,90+Levels of great pictures from various type of categories: attractive,

girl,beauty scene, animal, baby, auto, kid, world tour, old couples,everyone can find fun!

-You can enjoy the game’ beautiful sound effect and your iPod’ music in the background at the same time!

-Classic graphics;

-Classic touch screen game;


It’s easy and fun. See the screenshots,they say it clearly by pictures.


1.Now the more levels,the more difficult — more challenges,more pleasure!

2.Fix one player’s score;

3.Bug fixes.


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